February 13th, 2010


This is what I do with a day off and disposable income.

Who's really lazy and hadn't input the individual contributions to the CWM financial spreadsheet since June?  Yeah.

I got my donation statement from CHPC a week ago, and I was like, "That much?  Really?"  Because I feel like I really don't give that much there.

After doing the CWM individual tallies, I found that I'd misplaced my tax docs.  So this is incentivizing me to clean my room like I keep saying I need to.  (Mom, you'd been wanting happy news, right?)

The Cokesbury stuff is on sale, so I ordered them tonight, rather than waiting.  (Ari, I think Hymns for the Family of God is what SCBC uses.  The cover looked familiar, and Amazon says, "Customers Who Bought This Item Also Bought ... [The] Celebration Hymnal," which we already established is the one UCN uses now.)  I bought both Songs of Zion, precursor to Zion Still Sings, and Songs of Zion: The African Methodist Episcopal Church in the United States and South Africa.

I want a bookcase to go behind the door to my bedroom.  Which will help incentivize me to get rid of all the shoes I never wear.  (Relatedly, I was looking for my slippers this morning and couldn't find them under my bed.)  And also to get rid of the books I don't want anymore.  Both of which have been on my To Do List for a while.  (More time-consuming/brain-requiring is stuff like Best Erotica writeups so I can send books on to Lorraine will remain backburnered, unfortunately.)

Also: I learned that you can "Download RCL Daily Readings (includes RCL Sunday and festival readings)"!!!  I mean, I have my very own book copy, but this pleases me muchly.