March 7th, 2010

religion is a queer thing

"Jerusalem, Jerusalem, the city that kills the prophets"

Dreams this morning included Jenny (my brother's fiancee) having a trans sibling.  She kept saying "he" and then she said something that made me think the sibling had been born "he" and so I said, "Oh, SHE's trans," and Jenny was v. confused, and I kept insistently asking, "What gender was your sibling assigned at birth?" (knowing that I could just reverse that to come up with the correct way to refer to the sibling now) and she refused to answer and as the dream went on I came to the conclusion that it was because she was referring to her sibling by the correct/chosen gender and wasn't gonna provide me with personal information -- which was interesting, for me to be the bad guy in an interaction like this.

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CWM tonight was a small turn out (though we had 4 newbies), but it was a good night.

Our guest preacher was Rev. Chuck Hartman from Melrose, who was good.  After service, Barbara was saying Sean did such a good job with his creative and powerful story of the Last Supper and we have such talented people here and oh, Elizabeth preached and that was great.  So Chuck asked me about that, and I sketched out how I became this girl who wrote sermons in her free time and Tiffany insisted I preach out loud before she left.  He asked if I was studying, and I said no -- told him where I work, said I have an undergraduate degree in English and people keep suggesting I go to divinity school and I keep saying no (he made some noise in agreement with all those people).  I said that church is basically what I do with my free time, and I sketched out my primary weekly church involvement -- so I said it's like I'm taking classes.  He invited me to preach at Melrose and I said sure.

Chuck: "How about next Sunday?"
me: "Maybe not so much."
Chuck: "How about the next few Sundays?  I could take a vacation."