March 24th, 2010

light in the darkness

"no longer lend your strength to that which you wish to be free from"

I emailed Laura Ruth on Saturday: "update (binding and loosing)"

She replied today:
Thank you for this update! Lord, you know when Jesus said you have to give up your life to gain your life, maybe [s]he meant give up the part of life that gives no life like boxes of stuff, church that doesn't work, relationships that are not possible, and worry that does[n't] work. What a productive Lent you're having!!!! and a few more exclamation points!!!!!
I'm not fussed about the couple of boxes of stuff I lost to the flood in my parents' basement, but I was thinking recently that I wonder how I would feel if it had been the double-digit number of boxes currently forming the "entertainment center" in our living room (drape a bedsheet over some copypaper boxes -- it's like magic). I probably should actually go through those boxes (as well as the clutter in my bedroom). I was thinking the other day that after the semester is over, I want a weeklong staycation -- I don't wanna actually go anywhere, I just want a week where I'm not coming in to the office, where I can use that time to do stuff other than read endless amounts of blog entries and work on writing sermons.