March 30th, 2010

face up (and sing)

still up past my bedtime

I went to seder at my mom's friend Susan's last night (in Brookline).  I took a cab home because I wanted to get some sleep, and other than establishing where I live and how to get there, the cabbie basically didn't talk to me at all.  \o/

And I was actually awake all day today, which surprised me, given the not-enough-sleep I've been getting.

I told Scott that I was gonna skip ahead to working on my Easter sermon, since I'm giving the Reflection at Rest and Bread on Easter Wednesday, but that I think I need to work through the Palm Sunday stuff before I can do Easter.  My Palm Sunday sermon is getting progressively better, but it's still not done.  Not-enough-sleep is also contributing to insufficient brain function.

At 11:11 we paused so Scott could daven the Shema -- "because all is one."  ♥

In my continuing theme of, "I'm just not that into you," I had my last session with the therapist I've been seeing.  The thing I found most interesting was how my posture shifted after we explicitly articulated that this would be my last session with her -- that I was sitting kind of folded up in the chair, with one hand in my hair ... sort of removed and also somewhat in control.  She had some useful suggestions about finding a new therapist, so that's nice.