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burning like matchsticks in the face of the darkness
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Friday, May 14th, 2010

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[poetry] relevant to my interests
Kevin Quashi's Alumnae College session was titled, "Poetry, like Bread, Is for Everyone" (from a Roque Dalton poem).

The first poem we read was:
The Sensual World

by Louise Glück
(from The Seven Ages)

I call to you across a monstrous river or chasm
to caution you, to prepare you.

Earth will seduce you, slowly, imperceptibly,
subtly, not to say with connivance.

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I was not prepared: sunset, end of summer. Demonstrations
of time as a continuum, as something coming to an end,

not a suspension; the senses wouldn’t protect me.
I caution you as I was never cautioned:

you will never let go, you will never be satiated.
You will be damaged and scarred, you will continue to hunger.

Your body will age, you will continue to need.
You will want the earth, then more of the earth–

Sublime, indifferent, it is present, it will not respond.
It is encompassing, it will not minister.

Meaning, it will feed you, it will ravish you,
It will not keep you alive.

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