May 27th, 2010


I still wouldn't say, "I'm an artist," though.

Okay, I have possibly been converted to Art Therapy as a Thing that I Do.

So, ANTS has Art Night every Thursday night from 7-10pm.  If I were to stay until 10pm I would get home ~11:30pm ... and I get up at 6am and need ~8 hours of sleep.  And (visual) art is really not a thing that I do.  But the retiring dean gave us this Friday off (4-day weekend!).  And I have had a lot of grief/stress in my life recently (for values of "recently" that encompass "the past six months" through "last week"), so I was thinking that art therapy might be something worth trying.

In the first hour I was there I did I think 3 pieces.  I didn't really know how to make the art supplies do what I wanted, so I was experimenting.  I ate the dinner I'd brought with me and then did 2 more pieces.  I don't have photographs because I still haven't gotten my camera back from Missy and Jess, but I'm probably going back on Memorial Day to pick up my paint- and glitter-covered pieces of paper.

I think I want to keep doing this (and I kinda wanna bring other people with me -- which is probably in part because most of the ANTS conversation isn't stuff I can really engage with, since I'm not a student there).  I could easily just do the first hour of Art Night (though that still means I get like 7 hours of sleep that night edit: math is hard; I could get 8 hours of sleep that night if I only stayed for the first hour) -- and of course during the summer I could come in to work late on Fridays and that would be fine.