June 7th, 2010


"Sometimes we shine..."

Housemate: "Oh, you should hear this song ["Shine" by Incus, on Fire and Bone (2008)].  It reminded me of Tiffany.  I was listening to it and I thought, "These words sound familiar.  I've heard these words before.  I heard them at Elizabeth's church." "
Sometimes we're down to earth
Sometimes we know our worth
Sometimes we feel like gods being birthed

Sometimes we wear our wings, our mask and things
There is so much life, we are exploding


Sometimes it's dark outside, sometimes it's dark inside
Sometimes it's simply ok to know that we're divine
lol, I got back to my computer and I had an email from re/New: "Can you share a song (or 2, 3)?" [re: the "musical potluck" on June 27 -- which is, per the GoogleDoc, for suggestions for songs the group can learn to sing, so this one probably doesn't fit].