July 15th, 2010


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Around 9:00 this morning I thought, "I'm kind of tired, even though I got enough sleep -- oh, wait..."  Because I'm not going to work today (I didn't even go to the gym) -- which it occurs to me is possibly a contributing factor in my hair being pretty today, it feels like a Saturday or something, so apparently my brain took the neuron path for, "I got a good amount of sleep last night, but I still feel tired because of [other circumstances]."  But no, I am tired because I got ~6hrs of sleep last night (and hadn't been getting as much sleep as I should for a number of nights prior).  (This is possibly also why I had chocolate-covered pretzels and spice cake for second breakfast/lunch.)

I am not tired because it is hot and humid and gross out -- BECAUSE IT IS NOT!  \o/  The weather is lovely (I have both windows in my bedroom open, and a fan on low in one of them).

I am undecided about how early to get to the airport today -- since I have a checked bag and a tiredness (so I'm not interested in feeling rushed/stressed).


Thursday, July 15
Southwest #1495 (BOS-STL)

I'll be staying with my brother's fiancée Thursday night and Friday night, and will be staying with my best friend for the remainder of the trip.

Thursday, July 22
Midwest #1660 (MCI-BOS)

transit update

I opted for the earlier of the two #96 busses.

My brother called me while I was in between Porter and Harvard (to ask if there was anything I wanted them to have at the house -- answer: no). He pointed out that I wasn't going to be THAT early.

Approximate timeline:
30min bus to Harvard T (there was construction/traffic)
5min wait for Red Line
15min to South Station
10min wait for SL
30min to Terminal E
There was basically no line for ticketing, and a short line for security; and nine was the first gate, so it was about 10 minutes from door to gate.

So I was ready to board almost an hour before my flight is scheduled to depart.

Sigh, apparently my only Dunkin' Donuts option was pre-security :(

Edit: And 4 minutes after I posted this, they started boarding my flight :)

Edit: Open seating, huh? (Though they board by sections.)