August 17th, 2010


yeah that'd be something

I bumped into John P. on my way to the gym this morning.

He asked me (among other things) how my preaching went -- said Sunday nights are nearly impossible for him, but I should keep emailing him and one of these days he'll make it.

Later, he said he'd heard that Pastor Bill was finally retiring from United. He asked how soon, and I said November 1 (three months from the August 1 announcement, per the church bylaws) -- and added that I had no idea what the plan was for an interim pastor or for the search plan. He said, "I know a nice young woman preacher," and I sort of nodded -- and then realized what he meant.

me: "One, I'm not even ordained"
John: [laughs, in a "Yes, I know, and we both know I was just joking," concession sort of way]
me: "Two, United got way more conservative when I was in high school, and I got way more--"
John: "--liberal"
me: "Yes."