August 27th, 2010


I love my friends sometimes :)

I emailed Roza -- who was away much of August -- and she replied:
Yes, I'm back. Yes, I'd love to see you. Just, I have no idea when. I'm going to keep this email in my inbox, which means every day I will be reminded that I do want to see you, and I will get back to you, I promise.
professional me, self

daily update

Today I:
* found a piece of information for Ben
* caught up with Scott a bit
* ate lunch outside -- where I was entertained by a tableful of Kennedy School students (the most effusive of whom -- a 29yo gay man -- invited me to join them and exchanged numbers with me when we were done)
* walked all the way home from work
* bought milk
* ate dinner
* made art
* did laundry (clothes and sheets)
Edit: & read (and was unimpressed by) the Freudian article for Vampire class [from Ernest Jones' book On the Nightmare]