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burning like matchsticks in the face of the darkness
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Tuesday, August 31st, 2010

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I am amused.
I'm filling out a Smith College alum survey...
Jobs and Careers
13. What is your principal occupation right now? If you are not working for pay, what kind of work do you usually do or expect to do in the future? Mark the one best answer.


Other Occupation
* Clergy or other religious ministry worker
* Administrative support, clerical worker, secretary
* All other occupations
So, one of the things I mention a lot in therapy is my, "But if I did it, then it would get done correctly," impulse.

Today, therp asked me what the psychology behind my micromanaging drive is, and I honestly had no idea. It is very much a True Fact about me now, but it's not something I can point to having been present throughout my development.* Walking back to work, I thought about the fact that my job has trained it into me in some ways. Anyone else have any thoughts?

*Okay, in writing this up it occurs to me that there's the "stubborn independent baby, I can do it myself, maybe" -- but I think that's slightly different, since this is more about my micromanaging tendencies. Though okay, a stubborn "I know best/I can do it myself" could easily transfer to "I know best for you, too/you should just let me do it."

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