November 2nd, 2010

religion is a queer thing

I love my church.

No one from CWM is available to person a table at TBC this year (I'm attending TBC, but I am booked up with attending things and am totally not that kind of extrovert anyway), so we're just purchasing an ad.

TBC Vendor Person Ian wrote:
Thank you so much for the ad, we really appreciate it. Hopefully we can work out something more for next year. Your organization has been a wonderful supporter of our organization.

Do you have a single general brochure you can get to us for our general community table? Again this is unmanned and limited in space, but we can get some of your material out to our attendees.
When I emailed the CWM crew to let them know I'd gotten that all taken care of, I included a postscript with a prayer request: Ginny H. (who came to CWM with Bev and my mom the first time I preached in January and again when I preached in July) died yesterday morning. She was hospitalized just a week or two ago and they diagnosed leukemia, gave her 3-4 months to live, and then she suffered heart failure and died a few days later. The funeral's this Friday (I'm taking a personal day).

Pr. Lisa said: "I am so sorry for your loss and for you mother and for Ginny's family. I so enjoyed meeting her when she visited CWM...what a nice spirit to remember her by. You all will certainly be in my thoughts and prayers..."

Marla said: "Elizabeth, I'm so sorry to hear about Ginny. Do you have a mailing address for condolences to her family? I will bring a card on Sunday for us all to sign."