November 3rd, 2010

in a gen way i swear

Happy 25th Birthday to my bff, and happy 6 years to "us" -- in a gen way, we swear!

Back when Ari was first talking about her weekend-long birthday party, and the sleepover component, I claimed dibs on sharing her bed. In the week or so leading up to the party, our expressions of "I will have a you!" and (because I was arriving Friday afternoon) "I will not have to share you for a whole day!" could totally have sounded like we were dating, which we realized, so we increasingly had fun with that, culminating with her saying, "In 3 nights, I will have you in my bed."

From her facebook on Friday evening: "has an Elizabeth. I'm fading 'cos I was out late last night getting an early start on my party, but apparently conversation perked up now that we're in front of the internet. This is why we are bff."

Saturday night, we four played Apples to Apples (one of TLGN's multiple Firsts that weekend), breaking in my Apples to Apples set and literally going through every single card in the set :) The last card was "Awesome" (with me as Judge) and none of the cards people had left to play were any good, so we took out the remaining red cards to see if there was anything (when TLGN was the Judge for Meek, she got Social Security, lobsters, and X-rays as her options and refused to choose, so we picked another green card and she picked a winner for that -- mayhap, though I forget what the second green card was) but ultimately we just called it a draw and then proceeded to count our cards (well, TLGN waited for us all to count and then subtracted from 245[?] to get hers). If we all counted correctly:
me: 54
mayhap: 62
Ari: 72
thelastgoodname: 56

We played such that all the blank green cards were Shiny and all the blank red cards were Kaylee. One time we actually got the real Shiny card right after playing a "Shiny," which was tres amusing.

TLGN was the Judge for Selfish -- Jupiter, Communists, Britney Spears -- which collection she said was the opposite problem of lobsters (see above). Jupiter ultimately won; arguments included: "Jupiter has all of the moons," and "When has it ever done anything for anyone?"

TLGN was the Judge for Revolutionary and read the listed adjectives (e.g., "rebellious") but said she would also accept "rotating" :)

Quoting from Ari's report:
I'm fairly confident that the most fannish play was "toasters" to "spiritual" which wasn't even intentional (no one in the room was a BSG fan), but I know enough about BSG to know it's trufax, and I was the judge, so it won.

Best unsuccessful argument: "warts" to "magical" because Anastasia Krupnik and Tom Sawyer both thought they were! (However, Kaylee won, which is fair enough, because she is also magical.)

Worst successful argument: "salads" to "European" because "they have salads in Europe."

Consensus: we need a fannish deck. (I think we should call it "Five By Five")

And Meryl Streep has already been played.
[Addendum: There is an Apples to Apples: Bible Edition! Okay, part of me is hesitant, but still... Possibly I will buy it as a Christmas present to myself so Ari and I can test-drive it when she visits next month?]

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As mentioned, Sunday afternoon included theological discussion with All The Books.

I like the Lingonberry Hymnal #723: "Canticle of the Turning" (Rory Cooney, 1952 / Irish traditional / GIA Publications - Star of County Down)
#726 "O Holy City, Seen of John" is so Wesley :) [is actually Walter Russell Bowie, 1909 (Rev. 21:1-22:5)]
#274 "Woman in the Night" -- Brian Wren -- we couldn't figure out what verse 6, "Women on the road, welcomed and restored, travel far and wide; witness to the Lord!" is referencing...

At one point, Ari told the anecdote of the "When a guest comes, Christ comes" sign at a Lutheran retreat center.
me: "On that note, I have to go to the bathroom -- in a gen way, we swear."
Ari: "Elizabeth will be in my bunk." (You do literally pass through her bedroom to get to her bathroom.)