December 6th, 2010

moon house

... and, both my parents are dozing

Hospital visits ftw ;)

My mom, earlier, to me: "Yesterday, when I was delusional, you and I were doing liturgical planning for Easter or something..."
[Note: I did not actually visit my mom yesterday.]
She said it happened again earlier today, this time incorporating what she was hearing on the radio, which since her hearing isn't very good...

When I lifted up my mom's continuing recovery in prayer time at CWM last night, both Marla and Pr. Lisa were like, "What hospital is she at? Would visitors be okay?" :) ♥ my church

Pr. Lisa did visit this afternoon. My mom said, "I thanked her for having a nice church for my daughter to go to" -- and that Lisa thanked her for having a nice daughter ... well, she didn't use those exact words, but positive sentiments were expressed :) Lisa said I was a blessing.

Edit: I emailed Lisa a thank you, and she replied:
It was a joy to be with her! I didn't want to stay too long because I could tell she was tired and trying to be "up" to talk to me. If she found it a nice thing...I'm very happy to come back another time or two while she's there. I also insisted that she call me if she needed anything...since I go right by there to and from work and am so close in the square with a very flexible schedule.
moon house

oh, the holiday season...

My postal mail today? 6 organizations wanting my money:
* ASP (Hancock Family Match Challenge); I'm an ASP subscriber, and I gave an additional donation when I renewed my subscription this year
* CRWRC -- I gave them money after the Haiti earthquake, and like so many of those charities they keep sending me mail
* America's Second Harvest/Feeding America -- I don't even remember when I gave them money, but they send me many many solicitations
* The Huntington (whom I like in theory, but whose shows I haven't attended in a good few years)
* The Theater Offensive