December 26th, 2010


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In the kitchen this morning, I looked out the window and saw there was a dusting of snow.

Then I checked my email and learned that CWM has been canceled for tonight. Apparently we're getting a blizzard? (I'd known since Thursday or Friday morning that snow was predicted for Sunday night, but I hadn't investigated further.) Edit: Huh.

Happy 2nd Day of Christmas / Boxing Day / St. Stephen's Day.

facebook this morning:

[8:53am] Elizabeth thinks tonight's snowstorm had better be SRS BZNZ because evening church has been canceled (and in her book, You Don't Cancel Church Ever).

[8:59am] Julia is not so pleased that church tonight canceled due to blizzard warning. Where am I going this morning?

I considered commenting on Julia's post to say, "You could come to my Sunday morning church," but I didn't.

It was snowing lightly (and not v. windy at all) as I walked to church, and FCS-Ian greeted me from the front door. was impromptu greeting, and while we were chatting, guess who pulls up RIGHT in front of the church :)

In reflecting on Matthew 2:1-12, Ian H. commented that the Magi came looking for Jesus because they had seen the star -- they were people who examined the heavens, astronomers, scientists ... so it's somewhat ironic that science has so often been understood as incompatible with Christianity, when in fact it's intertwined from the very beginning.

During Coffee Hour, Zack wished us a Happy Boxing Day AND a Happy St. Stephen's Day. ♥ Also, apparently it is a tradition -- at least in his Polish family -- to pelt people (esp. people named Stephen or variants thereof) with walnuts on this day (St. Stephen, the first Christian martyr, having been stoned to death). Thom asked why it's called Boxing Day, and Elizabeth F. said you box up your leftovers and give them to the poor. (She had also brought me my nametag while I was still chatting with FCS-Ian before church. Yay church.)

FCS-Ian asked me and Julia what our plans were for the day, since our evening church had been canceled. I said I hadn't really thought that far ahead, that I was planning to get some groceries because I was out of bagels, but that was about it. Julia asked if I wanted a ride and I said yeah, I had been thinking of availing myself of her services since she was here, with her car. So I got to do a heavier grocery run than I might have otherwise. (I forgot a couple things -- pasta and hot chocolate mix -- because I hadn't really been thinking this morning, so I hadn't done up a full grocery list, but that's okay.)


And at 8:15am, Julie-in-Atlanta had posted to facebook: "Do we have church this morning? St. Mark appears to be one of the few not on channel 11's closed list..." My first indicator that this storm was coming up the eastern seaboard at us.

I get to have church tonight after all :)

Pr. Lisa just called, to confirm that I'd gotten the email about church tonight being canceled. She said she was trying to call everyone she thought might show up, and also to tell them that if they feel they need it they should feel free to call her tonight.

I said I had indeed gotten the email, that I thought I would be fine -- that I'm personally in a place where I don't need to have church tonight, I'm just irritated on principle because I don't think church should ever be canceled, but I understand that she's coming from Wellesley and it's supposed to be a blizzard and all that.

She said that she was wimping out because last time she drove home from Cambridge in a blizzard it took her 7 hours. But she said if I wanted to go and be a presence there, that the Korean congregation would be there until 4, so the building would be open for me to be able to get in, and she'd send out an email to CWM. She said she had thought about calling me before she sent out the cancellation email, and she was sorry she hadn't.