January 1st, 2011

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Apples to Apples: Bible Edition [Wed. Dec. 29, 2010]

I think Apples to Apples: Bible Edition is more fun for all involved if people don't retain total secrecy around their cards -- if you can say, "How is this related to the Bible?" or "What the heck does this pull-quote* mean?" and have the gathered community help you out.
* I learned the new-to-me phrase "flavor text" for the tidbits at the bottom of the red cards.

(We played the secrecy way, because that is how the game is played, and I resisted my temptation to argue otherwise. But having actually played the game through -- we didn't actually go through every single card in the deck, but we came close -- I feel even more strongly about my initial impulse.)

We also definitely need to edit the cards -- some cite "Revelations" instead of "Revelation," for example, and there is an actual wrong citation for "A Coat of Many Colors," for another example; plus a lot of the flavor texts are really unhelpful (and in other cases seem actively off-base). It's also irritating that there are repetitious cards -- e.g., "The Giant" AND "Goliath" ... and "Giants," though that at least is different) It is a fun game, though.

We had JUST enough seats for everyone (me, Ari, Julia, Roza and Chaz, Cate, Mike R., Keith and Gianna); any more and we would have had to migrate to the floor.

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[2010] i like numbers

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I gave blood:
Mon. Mar 1: Watertown (St. Johns Church)
Sat. May 1: Arlington UU Church
Tues. July 6: Watertown Public Library
Tues. Sept. 7: Watertown Public Library
Mon. Nov. 15: Cambridge (Masonic Lodge near Porter Square)

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I also got fitted at David's Bridal, so I now know what my "measurements" are Collapse )
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[2010] year in review

I continue to support my "Resolutions" (for lack of a better term) of:
"Ask for what you want." // "When you have something you think should be said, say it."
"Get enough sleep. Srsly."

I would like to say that I did better at them in 2010 than I did in 2009, but it's hard to tell.

The beginning of March, this year, it occurred to me that my theme for this year might be "boundaries." Later in March, it occurred to me: Letting Go.

I feel like my year has been bracketed by traumatic experiences involving redacted persons -- though we'll see how the one at year end plays out.

I have various Intentions for 2011, but I'm hesitant to post about them, for a variety of reasons.

(Though I will say that I was totally intending to take a weeklong staycation after spring semester, and I didn't -- for reasons which I'm sure made a lot of sense at the time, though I can't remember them now -- and I regretted it, so I am determined to not repeat that mistake.)

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hard at work

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I keep thinking I go back to work tomorrow. (I don't.)

I'm remarkably high-functioning today, considering how little sleep I've gotten.

I did laundry and dishes and paid the rent and booked hotel rooms and did some art and read more Yuletide. (I think I've read more Yuletide this vacation than any previous December vacation -- I usually barely get any read before the reveal.) I haven't done stuff like finish the year-end financial stuff for CWM (which I want to send to Dan before church tomorrow) or put together a "lectionary" for Thursday morning prayer for now until Lent.

I did some bedroom-cleaning/tidying in anticipation of Ari's visit, and while there's definitely more stuff that needs to get cleared out/better organized, the room already feels weirdly empty -- because there are these empty patches on the floor that didn't use to be there.

I arguably had a reasonably restful vacation (Christmas was lowkey, and I did a minimum of errands in general and a minimum of work for our two parties in particular) but trying to balance getting stuff done and doing fun things and resting didn't play out with an optimal balance, I don't think -- I feel like each of those three areas all got shortchanged.