January 18th, 2011


digital smoke signals

When I left my house at 7 this morning, it was lightly snowing, with a thin layer of snow on the ground. This is continuing, and I continue to find it lovely. (Am less excited about the predictions of "wintry mix" and suchlike for later on.)

Apparently it is not so lovely for driving, though, alas...

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I sent the info about the Sacred Eros discussion I'm leading to the FCS listserv last night, and Kerrie (one of the community ministers) just emailed me:
Subject: So glad you're doing this!

Just saw that you'll be leading a terrific conversation on sexuality and spirituality!
This is so important, Elizabeth! Good luck!
big girl world

"to pray as only laundry can..."

Flock has Monday Intentions, which I like.

Last week my Intention was to commit 30 minutes each day to sermon-writing (in conjunction with committing to take my lunch hour away from my desk), because I'm at a point where I think getting back into that habit/discipline will be fulfilling both intellectually and spiritually.

This week, I knew my schedule wouldn't be conducive to either of those, and I wasn't sure it was worth forcing it -- especially the sermon-writing, since I have other stuff I need to to prep for next week. But the stuff I have to work on for next week doesn't necessarily lend itself to the 30-minute/day commitment. (Though possibly I shouldn't be so quick to dismiss the utility of that sort of commitment.)

I considered setting an Intention of "get 8hrs of sleep each night," but that didn't feel right. (Though given how tired I was during this afternoon's seminar, I am definitely going to bed early tonight.)

But then last night I read Molly's post about "Sufficient Unto the Day." I really like that. Most especially because it encourages me to live in the day, rather than avoiding and putting stuff off. I know that's sort of ironic -- because the point Molly was making was about being at peace with the fact that You Will Not Get Everything Done Today. But where I'm at right now, what I take away from that post is an intention to be present in the work I'm doing in the moment -- what I am doing in the moment is sufficient for the moment, which means I don't need to be doing more than that, but it also means I should honor the work I am doing in the moment & not avoid it in ways that don't serve anyone.


Magpie Girl emailed Flock last night:
This is your friendly reminder that tomorrow is the Full Moon. It’s time to set aside an hour to gather your magazines and make a collage for the next month. This month’s moon is the Full Wolf moon. Wolves are vocally expressive and live in community. The Wolf Moon is a good time communicate with those around you who can help you with the things that challenge you. What are you challenges are how can you best express yourself this month?
"Wolf" made me laugh, 'cause of "lioness."
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