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burning like matchsticks in the face of the darkness
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Wednesday, January 26th, 2011

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When I went to lunch around 1pm, it seemed like it was just starting to snow. There's still very little accumulation, but I hear it's predicted to get heavy tonight.

At one point this afternoon, Ian asked something about whether I was coming in tomorrow.
me: Yeah -- the snow's supposed to stop by like 10:00.
Ian: 10:00 tonight or 10:00 tomorrow morning?
me: 10:00 tomorrow morning.
Ian: But your workday starts at 9.
me: Yes. And I'll be going to the gym before work, so I'll be on campus at 8. You know me. How many winters have you known me?


On the T after work today, I encountered a woman from the Harvard Queer Lunches. Turns out she's the Buddhist rep for Boston Pride Interfaith (and she's the one responsible for the African drumming woman at last year's service). She's trying to find a Muslim participant to include in this year's service as well. I approve.


After the Day I had on Monday, my Intention this week was to practice mindfulness, to not be overwhelmed by the everything. Magpie Girl's midweek check-in tonight:
Elizabeth- How are you doing with the back-to-class hubbub? I love that you are intending to stay mindful through the rush. I keep getting this image of all the faculty running around freaking out that their project is essential to life-as-we-know it, and you being a pragmatic oasis if calm in the midst of an over-blown storm. (Oh lordy how we humans do SO love to get worked up about things! :-) )

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