February 3rd, 2011


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When I left my house this morning, it looked like there might be more snow on the ground than there was when I came home last night, but I thought that might be an illusion -- but no, as I walked out, I realized it was snowing. *smiles*

I thought about bringing my UMH so we could sing "Here I Am, Lord" (how is that not in the New Century Hymnal), but I was already bringing "gently used cosmetics" for the HBS Valentine's Day Drive (something I neglected to do last year, so I really wanted to get this stuff out of my house) and didn't really have additional room in my backpack.

FCS-Ian remembered about the green songbooks [collection of photocopies] we use at the retreat (this weekend!) though, so we got to sing it after all.

(Also, apparently it is a challenge to find a satisfying -- to me -- version of "Here I Am, Lord" on YouTube.)


"Flock: Intentions Check-In" email from Magpie Girl last night:
Hello Erin, Rebekah, Elizabeth, Jenn, Lisa, and Debora,

It’s Wednesday. Let’s all take a deep, conscious breath.

Inhale. Pause. Exhale.

That’s better.

This week a lot of your Intentions were around the need to rest. I just want to raise that to the forefront of our awareness as we hold space for each other to take the rest we need. May pillows and peace surround you!
In talking about my Intentions for this week, I talked about recovering from last week (booked solid), and in her email last night, Magpie Girl said, "Might I suggest you make a list of things that feel like play for you? It’s a sort of a Sabbath to make time for play – creative things, frivolous things. Maybe there is hobby that’s longing for you to come back – not out of obligation, but out of FUN?"

I was actually thinking earlier yesterday that the only book I'm in the middle of right now is Our Vampires, Ourselves (and I'm on the ILL waitlist for How To Be Sick) and perhaps having some YA lit or something to sit down with over lunch would be a good idea. There's so much stuff-I-don't-get-paid-for that I'd like to be doing in my downtime, but I'm really bad at switching modes while I'm at my desk, and am even bad at blocks of actual free time -- so I end up frittering away my time, and then I just feel worse -- so maybe "doing" something that isn't "productive" during blocks of free time would help my brain adjust (and would certainly be good for days when my brain just isn't up for "productive" work).

I also mostly ignored the breathing exercises when I read The DBT Workbook recently -- read them, but didn't do them -- but have been finding myself recalling them often in recent days.