February 13th, 2011

moon house

my ecumenical self

At Church Council tonight, we ran through the calendar for Lent (Mardi Gras through Easter sunrise). Marla suggested a Holy Saturday service. Pr. Lisa said every year she gets phonecalls [at Harvard-Epworth] from people asking if they do a Holy Saturday service. I said something about how there are at least 2 churches in the area that do one -- I went to St. James's Episcopal last year, and Laura Ruth told me that University Lutheran does one. Lisa said yeah, most Episcopal, Catholic, Lutheran, those sorts of churches have one; and Marla said almost no United Methodist churches do a Holy Saturday service. I said, "Oh, right, I forget that most people have denominational affiliations, so they want a Holy Saturday service in their own tradition, whereas I'm like: Ooh, more church I can go to."