February 19th, 2011

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Got two cringe-inducing emails last night.

One, I Replied All with a pointer to Snopes.

The second one was about the physician assisted suicide legislation which is going up before the Vermont legislation. I forwarded it to Pr. Lisa, mostly because I was feeling sad and cringey both about the stance the person was taking and about the way they were framing it. She emailed me back this morning with a really nice email. And at least 5 other people chimed in on the email chain, so I feel much less alone. (And am also glad to be relieved of the obligation to articulate a response in this moment.)

Lisa ended her email with: "Blessings on you and your heart and soul and integrity, Elizabeth! It is a constant inspiration to me of why I do this ministry and work." ♥
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When Cate and I left Cymbeline tonight, I was like, "Is it snowing?" (It was. Small snow. Windy, and cold. Not weather for standing about in, but as I walked home amidst the swirling snow I felt a bit gleeful, 'cause that is how I am.)

Marlin had posted to facebook last night: "so 65 degrees and sunny today (!) - wild thunder, lightening and rain tonight, 6-8 inches of snow Sunday! wild weather."

And a davis_square post from earlier yesterday:

Since I'm a weirdo and tracking these things, I thought I'd share that as of today, we are officially within the longest snowbreak of the season! Until now, the longest gap between snow emergencies was the 15-day period between the end of first and the beginning of the second. The other gaps were considerably smaller, at 7d2h, 6d21h, and 4d4h, respectively.

It has now been a full 16 days since our last snow emergency was lifted! (Someday we may even reclaim parking on the even side of the street.)
On Thursday (and also on Friday), people kept commenting that the weather was so gorgeous, and I kept feeling really thrown because it was in the 50s F and I feel like in other contexts people would look at me askance. (I was also feeling sort of indifferent to the weather, myself.)


In other news, today Ari and I were discussing plans for my impending Missouri trip, and I was looking for return flights. I found a Southwest flight but wasn't thrilled about how late it got me in. Then I found a USAir flight that would get me in an hour earlier, for the same price. I said it would actually cost me about twenty dollars more, since I would have to pay to check a bag, but that I was willing to pay that to get in an hour earlier. Ari said, "That is about what your time is worth." I told her all the economists I work with would be so proud :)