February 27th, 2011


Jubilee Sunday

Yesterday was Jeff and Julie's "Friends, Food, and the Purge" -- an Open House in which people were invited to take lots of the stuff they're not bringing with them when they leave town next month.

I thought I was gonna have to fight Missy for All The Theology Books, but she had to work yesterday, so Jess picked up some Christian Ed/small group books for her (Missy just took a new job as Minister of Christian Ed at another church).

I filled 4 bags (though okay the fourth, and even arguably the third, weren't entirely filled), so Jeff and Julie said they would drive them to my house. Julie spread the contents out into 5 bags because they were too heavy for her to lift :)

They were gonna bring them to church this morning and then drive them and me home, but they didn't have time to shovel and get to church on time, so they walked to church and will be dropping off my books sometime before ~4pm today. *waits*


George and Jenny's wedding is 3 weeks from yesterday. I was beginning to feel like closed-toe silver heels I could wear to their wedding didn't exist anywhere (in my size, in stock anywhere). But on Wednesday I found Easy Street Strap Mary Jane in Silver Satin (Strap-Silver Satin-7.5-M) for $36 plus free shipping. And yesterday they arrived at my house. They are more pointy-toed than I'd envisioned, and I don't really love the quasi-buckle strap, so I'm not sure I would wear them otherwise, but that is really okay. They're serviceable for the wedding (I can walk in them fine).


It started snowing late last night/early this morning. Light fluffy snow.


Jeff was liturgist at FCS this morning. The Gospel text is Matthew 6:24-34 ("Do not worry about tomorrow...").

Jeff talked about sometimes being "paralyzed by my own comfort" -- which really resonated with me... that in keeping ourselves protected from anything going drastically wrong in our lives, we also don't allow ourselves to be open to so many opportunities.

In closing he talked about learning to swim -- to relax with your face in the water makes no sense until the moment it does, at which point the alternative -- flailing your arms, or refusal to enter the water -- makes no sense.
He talked about the Dead Sea, so thick with salt that even those who don't know how to swim float. He said he's not a very good swimmer, and he's often not a very good disciple, but that Sea where even those who worry are bouyed, that is what love is like. ♥
knowledge is power

ALL the (theology) books

Jeff and Julie arrived around 3:30, so I am now the proud owner of ALL the theology books. Okay, 119 (though there are 2 duplicates -- one book I took two copies of by accident, one book I already own unread and didn't recognize because the softcover and hardcover covers look different). And after I got home yesterday I learned that I do not in fact own a copy of the Chalice Hymnal (though I do own 2 copies of the Pilgrim Hymnal), so I may be acquiring that as well. According to LibraryThing, the total number of books I own is 500, so I apparently increased my number-of-books-owned by over 25% :) The tags aren't very nuanced (I'll get to that later) but the listing at least is here.

Now I just need a little over six feet worth of bookshelves and then I can have all of this awesomeness easily accessible in my dining room. (I did move some stuff -- and sweep -- this afternoon so there is actually room for the bags of books.)

Yes, my inaugural Tweet was celebrating this book haul. (Yeah, I made myself a Twitter account on Friday. Unsure how much I'll use it, but if you want me to Follow you, leave your username in the comments -- or email me.)