March 25th, 2011

angry - books

Apparently the universe doesn't want me to give blood.

The last few times I've given blood, my bloodflow has been really slow. That same thing happened this time, and the attendant asked if I would be okay if she moved the needle -- she said it would hurt, but otherwise she'd have to stop it altogether. [I assume because I was gonna time out -- if you're bleeding for more than 20 minutes, they worry about clotting and won't let you keep going.] I said sure (the last time I gave blood, the adjustments to try to make the blood flow more quickly made me wince frequently, but this time I hadn't even noticed them much). It did hurt. And then she put it back -- I'm unclear if that was just because I was in pain (she had been apologizing a LOT, which kinda annoyed me since I wasn't actually in pain -- her expectation that I might be was fair, but I wasn't) but anyway, I then had a bruise so she stopped it altogether. An irritation, I has it. I am inclined to quit donating blood for the remainder of 2011. (I did give blood in January.)
be brave now

[ASP] Winter Festival

So, ASP did a Winter Festival this year -- 3 shows, each with a short run.

(1) Shakespeare's Cymbeline -- a pared-down version of a minor play (there's a good review by someone else here)

(2) The Hotel Nepenthe -- a surreal series of interconnected vignettes which I enjoyed more than I was initially expecting

(3) Living in Exile -- an adaptation of a retelling of the Iliad

I cried a number of times in the first act -- which ends right before the Iliad actually begins (which explains why so many of the stories in the first act felt new to me). Early in the second act, I thought I wouldn't like the second act as much as I did the first, since I'm not actually a big fan of the Iliad, but the second act pulled me right along (though it is genuinely shorter than the first act).

When Patroklos begged Achilles for his armor, I wept -- held my hands in front of my face and wept, knowing what would come next. (musesfool, I thought of you.)

I also wept during Priam in Achilles' tent, though less hard.