March 26th, 2011

i walk a lonely road

Peach Fuzz

I was reminded that I am an introvert when I walked into Molly's Peach Fuzz party and thought, "There are all these people here. Whom I don't know. I would like to leave now." (I didn't feel overwhelmed or anxious or anything, just completely devoid of any desire to engage. I did settle into various conversations with FCS people in the hours I was there.)

FCS-Ian commented that he's seen me every day this week. I said no, I was out of town on Monday and Tuesday.
Ian: "Oh, right. Will you be away Monday or Tuesday of this week?"
me: "No. I may be away Friday of this week, I still need to figure that out."
Ian: "That's fine. Just so long as we get to see each other for seven days in a row."

Althea asked me how I was today -- "Not in general, just today." :)

Molly's friend Val told a Puerto Rican folktale. At the line, "He told her the whole story, because that's what best friends do, of course," I was reminded of my mom's assertion that Ari and I process EVERYTHING O:-)


I was going to put my bookcase together today, but I think I am going to go to bed instead.