April 1st, 2011


9 years (14 years)

FCS-Ian told me this morning, "I knew the snow wouldn't keep you away, but I thought the Target bookcase might :)" Yeah, packing for muskratjamboree meant I left a bit later than I would have liked to, and the weather (and physical baggage) meant I walked a bit slower than usual.

Yes, we are having an April Fool's Day snowstorm again. I am amused more than anything. It really doesn't feel that cold (though there are some wind tunnels downtown here), and it's predicted to be back to highs around 50F tomorrow.

Mostly I am posting because today's the date I first got my LJ (though I didn't actually post for a few days). I don't have substantive thoughts about my current LJ experience, but I did want to mark the occasion.
burning like matchsticks in the face of the darkness
when faced with my demons I clothe them and feed them
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