April 5th, 2011


and now it is bedtime

Day 26 of The Power of Stillness. (Thus far I've only missed one day -- the Friday of MJ). Tonight for 15 minutes I meditated/prayed:
* Help me tune myself to Your will.
* Help me hold things lightly.

The first one is a variant on the invited prayer for the day. The second one grew out of that -- largely, I think, because I have been thinking about the fact that I keep doing ALL the things (the faith sharing group that Rowan convened met for the first time tonight, and I volunteered to lead next week, and after I got home I realized I'd double-booked myself with a Rest and re/New planning meeting; and I was thinking about all the faith communities I'm involved with and all the projects I want to be doing and the ongoing navigation re: the place I spend 40hrs/wk and which pays all my bills).