May 20th, 2011

love one another as i have loved you

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At Molly's Diesel office hours yesterday morning, Tara asked me, "What were you up to last night?" [I had attended a Boston Smith College Club event instead of going to Rest and re/New.]

She said it has taken her "a shockingly long time" to realize that I wasn't there -- because I'm ALWAYS there, so of course I had to be there somewhere even though she hadn't seen me. :)


In other news, Molly says FCS is doing a series this summer on Rob Bell's Love Wins (a la Barbara Brown Taylor's An Altar in the World last summer).


In other other news, I have mixed feelings about this talk (and there's a moment around 20:44 that makes me seize up -- though I know the blogger is conservative, so I wasn't all that surprised; a comment he makes around 23:35 makes me think, "Maybe you're wrong about this gay thing..."), but I do like the idea about the Call of the Church to be family in a really deep, authentic way. I also like his idea of starting from the Indicative (that God's grace and love is for All, right now) rather than the Imperative (the rules God desires us to live by).