June 1st, 2011

not that innocent [purple_smurf]

Never Have I Ever

A friend had a retro sleepover this holiday weekend. We watched Real Genius (carlyinrome, as soon as it was mentioned that this movie contains young!ValKilmer, I thought of you) and Labyrinth and played Never Have I Ever. I was expecting everyone to play R+ rated, so I was surprised to actually have fingers down -- though of course one of the challenges of the game is that your brain keeps coming up with things you HAVE done, and given this crowd it would have been even harder to come up with R+ rated things that one HADN'T done.

I have:
* been to Europe
* been to the West Coast [of the USA]
* eaten a grilled cheese sandwich
* consumed illegal substances (this was stated to include imbibing alcohol underage)
* been drunk

I feel certain that when I "won" I had 4/10 fingers left, but I can't remember what the 6th thing I had done was.

I was like, "Raise your hand if you're surprised that I won for boringest?" and people made reassuring noises, but I really wasn't distressed about it at all.

in which my lazy "it will be fine" trumps my risk-aversion

Housemate: [tweets] Also our tornado watch in Boston has been extended to 11 pm. So much for going to sleep early.
me: [reads] [calls across the hallway] I'm NOT staying up for the end of the tornado watch.
housemate: Well I want to be able to grab my laptop and my cat and rush into the basement if I need to.
me: Yeah, in the Sleep or Death sweepstakes...
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