July 5th, 2011

angry - books

gonna vote you all off the fucking island


I have got to stop overestimating my ability to Just Deal with summer weather, because I had a moment this morning of wanting to cry, which I'm sure was due in large part to my not having gotten enough sleep last night (which in turn occurred because I decided that my room was comfortable enough that I could shut the door and run the fan and I'd be fine ... and then I wasn't exactly fine but I didn't actually do anything about it). Though after I got up this morning, I felt well awake once I'd been up for about 45 minutes; and I did my cardio gym fairly easily (which pleasantly surprised me).

I am practicing radical detachment...


I opened up this window about when I got in this morning (once I'd read all email that had come in to my work inbox over the long weekend) and am feeling better now that various things have gotten sorted (you're shocked, I know).

Also, I got a 3.86% raise.