August 23rd, 2011


home again (briefly)

Promenade Cab Company says the cash rate to the airport is ~$70 -- whereas if I paid by credit card they'd run the meter and it'd be ~$120. Whoda thunk? So yeah, I paid the surcharge to get cash from the ATM in the hotel (closest BoA ATM is in Solvang -- even farther out than we were on Sunday).

Ari had an afternoon flight, so I opted for a night flight (flying from West Coast to East Coast, you can either get a morning flight or a night flight but not an afternoon flight -- since then you'd be landing while the East Coast airport is closed) which is a choice I feel good about. It meant we got to sleep in, get breakfast at the hotel (continued yay for complimentary buffet), be leisurely ... and then I got to catch up on my vacation writeups while at SFO.

I packed way more books than I had time to read (I swear I won't overpack so much for SANS), so the downtime at the airport would have been good for making a dent in that -- except that I totally spent almost all of that time reading the Internet.

This was the second night in a row I noticed that sunset seemed to be happening at like 7:30 (in contrast to the post-8pm I'd gotten used to) and wondered if this was something to do with being in the western rather than eastern part of the timezone [apparently not; apparently we're just nearing the end of summer]. In the sky, though, (my flight's departure from SBA was 8:04pm) the sunset just persisted. You're above the clouds (I initially parsed the clouds as water, actually)... As we began the descent into SF (quarter to 9), the clouds along the horizon were like burning embers. It was a little bizarre to see the contrast under the cloud canopy -- pitch-black city under the cloud cover, illuminated only by the city lights ... like it's the underworld or something. (Also, seeing the patches of cloud illuminated by tall buildings.)

I got 4-5 hours of sleep on the redeye but am not currently feeling crashy. \o/

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