August 24th, 2011


arrived in Ohio

Yesterday I accomplished everything on my to-do list except the Payless return. Well, and I couldn't do ALL the packing on account of needing some of it before I left -- but I did force myself to do all the packing I could do. I am significantly less over-packed -- though I am still bringing more books than I'll read, of course.

Today, I skipped Molly's office hours, mostly because the timing was such that I would have needed to bring my luggage to Diesel and I wasn't excited about that. Also, I was somewhat tired (I may or may not have perked up what with the interaction and all -- sometimes I am an Introvert, sometimes I am a secret Extrovert).

After I'd finished packing this morning, it occured to me that with some forethought re: liquids and etc. I probably could have fit everything in a carry-on (my bicycle helmet being my Personal Item), saving myself the $25 checked bag fee (though after 12 days in California, the relative cost of that is so small...). *shrug*

I do kinda wish I had a smaller suitcase -- since I really don't need such a big one for trips like this. After gate check it occurred to me that oh yeah, there are those regulation size rolling bags. (I have a mental block against bags I can't fit under the seat in front of me.)

Tiny regional plane again on my flight to Cleveland. (SBA apparently only has 2 jets a day. Checking in so early flying out of SBA, I ended up in the front row -- so I actually had to shove my backpack into an overhead compartment since the bulkhead was in front of me -- so I heard the flight attendant chatting with someone. She's based out of LAX and enjoyed the "arrive 30 minutes beforehand" of SBA versus the 2.5 hours of big airports.)

As we started to depart Boston on the plane, I had a moment of forgetting where I was. In that moment I thought of folks who travel extensively for business and feel like airports are "home." In SFO during my layover, I was definitely feeling a bit like I was home, since all airports look so similar; the See's Candies store reminded me that I was in Cali. (Which reminds me, when I arrived in SF, I saw teddy bears with handcuffs and totally misparsed it until I saw the "Alcatraz" t-shirts on them.)

Cleveland Airport has (past security) a massage station and a gelateria. And apparently no hot food outside security? (And, like every airport I've encountered this trip -- except Boston? -- has some construction going on. I forgot to mention LAX's cute signs when I was writing up the trip to SB, didn't I?)

When we were putting our bags in the trunk of the car of the woman picking us up, I saw Dominion and thought, "Oh, I could have brought Apples to Apples: Bible Edition." I plead 24 hours at home after a redeye, or something. After arriving at the house, I also feel a bit foolish for not having thought to bring e.g. Tupperware -- since my shared assumption was that we were gonna make food at the house and bring it with us to the site for conference days. Yeah, I basically let Marla do all the organizing for this trip and gave myself permission to not have to worry about any of this. Edit: I did think to bring a power strip (hi, 16 people in this house) -- though apparently there's an abundance of outlets in the house.