September 4th, 2011

bodies in motion, soul love


After morning church today, I went to Wheelworks and acquired myself a bike (and a lock; I'd already gotten a helmet before SANS -- though I think I may return the cable&combo lock I bought for a U-bolt /paranoid).

It's been about a decade since I last rode, and in trying out bikes today, at first there was an unexpected period of not feeling sure what I was doing (hello, doing things that scare you), but I got the hang of it.

Having purchased a bike, I was gonna just walk my bike home, since I'd left my helmet at home, but I was nearly at Davis when I decided to just ride.

The hardest thing is telling myself to own the lanes -- my instinct is to ride close to the right, to stay out of the way of vehicular traffic, even though intellectually I know that's more dangerous.

Dealing with traffic is also difficult/scary. I am proud of myself for biking the Powder House Rotary (I considered getting off my bike and walking it through umpteen crosswalks).