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burning like matchsticks in the face of the darkness
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Saturday, September 17th, 2011

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bicycling + swimming
oops, I forgot to post this on Monday -- bicycle commuting to work, Day 1Collapse )


I'm really used to being a pedestrian. I'm used to not needing to be constantly watchful of my surroundings (and am also used to being able to just absorb my surroundings in a relaxed, enjoyable way). I'm used to not needing to look for a place to leave my conveyance while I do anything en route. I'm used to not having to be dependent on anything outside myself (yes, of course I'm dependent on lots of things outside myself, but you know what I mean in this context -- and yes, I have a lot of privilege).

Tuesday evening, I mentioned easing into urban cycling and someone commented approvingly that it's good exercise. In my head, I said, "Well I'm normally doing a combination of walking and the T, so I'm not sure I'm actually getting any more exercise." Leigh had also said (on Monday) that she always feels better when she gets in to work when she's biked than when she's driven -- I did tell her that usually I'm walking/taking the T.

I think bike riding is becoming like gymming it up -- something I don't especially enjoy while I'm doing it, but which after I'm done I'm glad I've done. ... Tuesday, on my walk to work I missed bicycling.

Friday after work I had the Wheelworks people put my "EZ-Mount" bike lock holder on my bike for me, as I hadn't been able to translate the directions that came with it into reality. (Asking for help is a thing that is difficult for me, so I was proud of myself.)


Saturday: bicycling + swimming, take 2Collapse )

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