September 20th, 2011

hermione by oatmilk

now I want to learn the WHOLE Bible

According to a friend of mine: the PCUSA, for ordination, requires people to pass a Bible Content Exam, and a couple of years ago, Union Theological Seminary started requiring incoming M.Divs to take the same exam, and if they didn't pass it, to take a set of "Bible Content" courses alongside their required OT and NT intros. At this point, most people don't even bother to take the exam, because it's seen as so horrendously difficult.

I tried the "Feb. 2010 Test (unofficial)" one. Some of the questions felt ridiculously easy. Some felt, "WTF?" The most interesting part of the experience, for me, was noting how I knew (or could figure out -- which in turn reminded me of ye olde multiple choice test-taking strategies, which I learned more by osmosis than by necessity) the answers.

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