September 29th, 2011

taken out of context

~coming out

I was reminded the other day that I really like getting to say, "my girlfriend," even though it's not really the most accurate term.

Then tonight I mentioned to someone that I'm going to Rosh HaShannah services tonight and realized immediately afterward that she probably now thinks I'm Jewish.

Edit: At the beginning of said services, someone asked if we could open the Ark and I touched the tip of my nose and said, "I don't count toward minyan."

I also keep forgetting that I have vanity business cards which I can offer to people so we can be in touch. (I got invited to post-services dinner and pulled myself away from Lika+mom and the 2 recent grads, realizing belatedly that I could have offered them my business cards in case they wanted to be in touch. [I won't be at Kol Nidre etc. on account of having a post-nuptial celebration to attend.])