November 3rd, 2011

in a gen way i swear

happy birthday, bff

I feel like I'm supposed to say something about my best friend, on account of it being her birthday and our friendship anniversary.

I was arguably the first person to wish her a happy birthday today 'cause I emailed her at work (she checks personal internet after work, so all the facebook people who were up at like 4 in the morning didn't get read by her until later). Though I haven't actually fact-checked this assertion with her. Possibly there were work people who said Happy Birthday to her before she checked her work email -- or people who texted her or whatever. While it is perhaps uncharacteristic of us that I didn't already fact-check this, it IS characteristic of us that I bought her paid LJ time, and she said: "Thank you! It's what I always wanted and it fits perfectly. :)"