December 19th, 2011

light in the darkness

as we approach Christmastide

This caught my eye in the Revels program Saturday night:
Twelve Holy Days of Christmas
December 25 - January 6
Daily Communion Service,
The Act of Consecration of Man,
11 a.m. at our church.
Followed by refreshments and a study about Angels.
Midnight Communion Service
on Christmas Eve
Further details from the ad:
The Christian Community - Movement for Religious Renewal
Renewing religious life, bringing the spiritual potency of the Seven Sacraments and the richness of the Gospel into a new form inspiring independently thinking human beings.

The Christian Community 366 Washington Street, Brookline Village, MA 02445 [phone number redacted]

In other news, apparently Pr. Lisa will be away January 1 after all, so I'm planning to preach that Sunday. For starters I need to select a lectionary...