July 25th, 2012

moar bike lanes pls

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Jeff B. and I had lunch at 9 Tastes (he was a big fan), and since he has the day off today he offered to walk with me back to the bridge (this was about 2pm).

As we were walking, an ambulance passed us with its sirens on. I crossed myself (I blame Ari) but we didn't acknowledge it at all. As we approached the bridge, we noticed that something seemed to have happened on the corner by the park -- like, there was a fire truck stopped on Mem. Drive just after the intersection. When we got to the corner (we were opposite the park), we stopped and looked for a while and eventually Jeff commented that it looked like it had been an accident involving a bicylist. I had an immediate intake-of-breath "I didn't need to know that" sort of response (every morning I come through the park and cross at that intersection). I crossed myself again and he prayed under his breath and then we hugged a bunch.

When I crossed the street, I saw a person (looked male, Caucasian, maybe 40ish) sitting on the street with a neck brace on, being worked onto a stretcher, so I'm choosing to believe that was the bicyclist and no one died -- which helps me feel better.