April 19th, 2013


[Boston] checking in (again)

I went to bed at like 10:15 last night, and I guess stuff started happening soon after? [citation: Reuters]

Checking the Internet over breakfast this morning, Davis Square LiveJournal informed me that the MBTA was shut down, and I thought, "Okay, I wasn't planning on biking to work this morning, but I will," and then Gita and Ian posted on facebook about Cambridge etc. being shut down -- at which point I actually checked my work email. (Spoiler alert: campus is shut down today, as is all of Harvard.)

Watertown's on lockdown, as are all the immediately adjacent cities/towns (Cambridge, Allston-Brighton, Newton, Waltham, Belmont [WGBH], plus Brookline [WHDH] and then hey, they extended it to the entire city of Boston -- Allston-Brighton are technically "neighborhoods" of Boston, rather than their own cities/towns). Somerville's in between me and Cambridge, but still, disinclined to leave the house until there's an all-clear...

I felt like the Onion was exaggerating a little when I read this earlier this week, but...