August 9th, 2013

big girl world

(because text is one of the major places where my heart is)

I was thinking about Bible study and how the blogpost this week was a challenge and how I still don't feel like I'm very good at facilitating, but this Tuesday I laid out a frame (including ground rules) and made a real effort to try to own my position as ~in charge of~ the space ... and how this growth is really stretching me and it's hard work -- but it's work I totally want to and am excited to do, and how that's so different from the kind of growth/stretching when I don't have any interest in doing/getting good at the thing in question.

[Edit: Right, I keep drafting updates and not finishing them -- requisite context: I started facilitating a weeknight Bible study this spring, and attendance has been sparse, and Jeff M. suggested a blog to supplement it, since we're all so busy & I already put together an invitational email which builds on Sunday's sermon and asks some opening questions, so it wouldn't be a significant amount of work (esp. for me) to then add summary highlights of the meatspace conversation.]