September 5th, 2013

moar bike lanes pls

driving? driving! (take 2)

June 17 got canceled 'cause FCS-Ian and his wife were going out of town later in the week and had too much to do in too little time before they left.

I was busy the beginning of July, and then apparently he was changing jobs and stuff, so Tues. Aug. 20 he finally responded to the list of dates [July 12 - Aug 28] I'd sent him on June 27.

So here we are on September 5th.

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After we were done and we were heading back, FCS-Ian said he wanted to try a Saturday morning or Sunday afternoon so we could be on bigger roads but with minimal traffic. I said Saturday mornings are tough but Sunday afternoons are fairly doable -- that I tend to feel like I need to block off a whole stretch of time, but apparently we're only doing an hour.

He said you know how when something's stressful it can feel like it's taking longer than it actually is.

I said, "Possibly you experience this as more stressful than I do."

Which is apparently true. And makes sense for a variety of reasons. But neither of us has needed to safeword yet :)

Edit: When I got home (about an hour ago) I posted to facebook: "Round 2, and [FCS-Ian] and I still haven't had to safeword out of driving lessons -- though apparently he experiences them as significantly more stressful than I do :)"

Jeff M. just commented (arguably inspired by a preceding commenter): "What is the safe word? I bet you guys have a good one."