September 16th, 2013

ball failure

[post-surgery] c&p'ed from fb

surgery went fine. home now. thanks to @Heather (E. M.) and @Lisa C. for rides (and the latter for at-hospital errands -- and possibly also for keeping my mom company in the waiting room :)) and @Mom for mom-stuff. housemate cooked me dinner after i got home. i'd been thinking i might take church folk up on their offer to bring me food since it would make _them_ feel better, but apparently i'll be taking them up on it because i'm not supposed to do ANYTHING with my right arm until the cast is off (which, blessedly, i think will be next tuesday). also think i may take the full week off from wok for the same reason (if i'd been more accurately forewarned, i would have done a more thorough investigation of my wardrobe, but i don't think i have any classy bottoms that don't require buttoning, or much of anything in the way of classy tops i can get on over this cast; when i was being cranky about not being ,appropriately forewarned, one of the staff said, "you're gonna give [orthopedic surgeon] hell [at your follow-up appointment], huh?" and i said "Yup!" -- process, information, communication ... i have some hobbyhorses)

so it seems likely this will be more of a ~staycation than i had been anticipating

p.s. @Maarten, this what me typing just left-handed looks like :) (though yes because i'm me, i am correcting my typos)
[the note to maarten is a call-back to his comment on my post-accident fb status]