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burning like matchsticks in the face of the darkness
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Friday, November 8th, 2013

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Thor: The Dark World
I thought Thor 2 opened tonight and learned well after I had already committed to other plans for last night that no, there were normal-time (i.e., not a midnight opener) showings last night. 10pm in Burlington also garnered the "it's a school night" reaction from me -- though admittedly I ended up staying out nearly as late last night as that would have kept me.

Anyway. 7:15pm showing at the Capitol in Arlington -- which is apparently only showing in 3D, but hey, $12 is still only about what I would have paid for a regular price at e.g. AMC Loews Boston Common. And I know from Brave that current 3D in movies doesn't bother me.


I also knew from the Internet that this meant I got a Cap 2 featurette. I hadn't realized that was INSTEAD OF any other movie previews, which was pretty grate.

Cap 2 featuretteCollapse )


Thor 2Collapse )

And I stayed for both post-credits scenes as instructed by the Internet.

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