January 19th, 2014

moar bike lanes pls

driving? driving! (take 4)

As I've mentioned elsewhere on the Internet, at Council last Wednesday we did an Affirmation exercise. We each wrote our name on the top of a sheet of paper and passed it around, each of us writing an affirmation for the person whose paper we received (folding the paper so you didn't see what people before you had written). We passed them to our left, and FCS-Ian was sitting to my left. When I got his, it was full, so when I handed it to him I said, "I can't fit anything else on here -- but I sent you a thank you note, so I'm gonna pretend like that counts."
He said, "That was wonderful."

After Council, I asked about driving this Sunday and said I might have hallucinated sending the fb msg proposing this Sunday, said I knew I sent the thank you email a couple days later.
He thanked me again for the email, said, "When I was reading it, I kept waiting for you to be passive-aggressive, and you weren't."
I told him to call me out if I were being passive-aggressive.
He said really he expects me to be aggressive and I said yeah, I try to be aggressive-aggressive.


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