April 8th, 2014


[Touch] Sexyback: or what you will [2014-03-24]

A few weeks ago, Touch Performance Art did a workshop production of "Sexyback: or what you will" at Club Oberon.

The website said 8pm. Doors didn't even open until 8:07, and the show didn't start until ~8:35 (because not only do you have to wait for everyone to get in, but you want everyone to buy drinks). Le sigh -- I forget what Club Oberon shows are like. I saw Sarah V. from feminist sci-fi bookclub in line, and we hung out once we were inside, which was nice (the killing time part is more enjoyable with friends). I was hoping people would be actually dancing during the pre-show, but people were just standing about, alas.

It does with "Twelfth Night" what "The Donkey Show" does with "Midsummer" -- bare bones of narrative with lots of song+performance. Which actually basically worked. Collapse )

FWIW: After the show, they said their plan is to do 3 more workshop shows in July and then 10 full shows in the fall.
none are righteous

[MCU] Captain America: The Winter Soldier [2014-04-07]

(I really need to acquire myself some MCU icons, don't I?)


Ari drove us to TBC on Thursday, and I was gonna maybe make hir drive us to the nearest movie theatre (~10mi away in Enfield) to watch Cap2 that night, but we were both exhausted and ze was getting sick.

I took Monday off from work to recover from TBC, so while Ari was at ANTS I biked to Alewife to catch a matinee (there was no online ticketing, so I was guessing I could just show up, and yeah... when I initially walked into the theatre I thought I was literally the only person there -- I wasn't, but there only ended up being like 6 people total).

Collapse )