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With Michele gone, everything goes to pot.

I was all set to write a long post, had been composing it for much of the afternoon, but then i came home and had absolutely no motivation. While the day is happening i can feel all cranky and everything, but then i come home and it's over and it really doesn't matter so much.

I spent probably two hours in the wing today doing the LIFE magazine project -- transferring them from their wimpy brown maagzine holders into these nice sturdy green boxes with lids. A week or two ago when i first got this project i threatened to hate Michele (head of the circulation department and really a wonderful person) for it. Back and forth bringing boxes in and out of the narrow aisles of compact shelving. Water damaged 60-year-old magazines. It sucked. But today it seemed to go fairly quickly and easily. The biggest problem, actually, was that i kept running out of boxes and had to find Joe (the custodian) to bring down another one of the massive boxes of boxes from the storage room on the fourth floor. I ended up taking my break in the morning instead of the afternoon because Joe was out and i had no other off desk work to do. The same thing happened the first day i did this project. Everyone seemed to have forgotten, though, and Mary K. said i could have just taken my 3:30 break and no one would have noticed. That's probably true (though i think Kathy would have noticed; she has a good memory for stuff like that) but Joe had just brought down a whole nother box and the project was feeling so easy and i just wanted to get it done (though i still didn't get through quite all the boxes) and i didn't have anything to read on my break. And dammit, i'm just a good kid. Sometimes i think there are hazards to be so efficient. When i first complained to Michele about the project she said she gave it to me because she knew i would do it well. "Damn. Remind me to start sucking," i said. And this morning i ran out of boxes at 11:30 and Joe had gone to get the mail and i could easily have stayed in the wing, read old magazines and stuff, but no, i was a good kid and came out and took my break early. Why am i like this?

The day improved, though. Went to Perks for dinner with my parents. Then came home and watched the Buffy movie. It's a fun movie. A lot of it obviously felt like early Buffy the show -- Buffy being a ditz and wanting to refuse her destiny. There were parts that felt like later seasons, too, though. The parts where she gets mad at Merrick for putting her in danger reminded me of "Helpless;" the part about "You do everything wrong. Do it wrong. Don't play our game" reminded me of "Checkpoint;" and the whole Lothos thing reminded me of "Buffy vs. Dracula." It was cool when Buffy had prophetic dreams in the early episodes. I really liked the idea of her getting cramps and stuff when vampires are around. Yay for Slayer Sense, and it links it to being a woman, female power and all. Okay, i was trying to be coherent and intelligent there. So much for that.

Ruthie and i are going to have lunch together tomorrow. And my mom's going to take me down to Westwood cemetery to visit Olive's grave later tomorrow. The weather's supposed to be beautiful this weekend. And i'll be going to church this Sunday for Children's Sunday, which should be nice.

According to Joe Gallant, next Wednesday is the one-year anniversary of the library moving back into its building after the renovations.
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