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It is interesting going through a year of someone's LJ searching for a particular post.

It means i relive the times that person was writing about. I miss living in Layna's room, the glorious rainforest with bulletin board walls. It pleases me to remember that i was a calming influence and compared to the "good Friday teas."

"I dreamed last night that you were depressed and i held you for a long long time and that was all i could do and it helped you a little." I want to write some of these memories down in a beautiful bound journal. I always think of that line from the gospels about Mary 'treasuring up the words in her heart.' It makes me think of gathering softly rounded beautiful gems from lush grass and placing them in your womb, letting them become a part of you and warm you. But yes, i want to write down all the beautiful bits of my life and keep them in a book so i can always turn to it for comfort and they can surprise me liked dried rose petals falling out of a dictionary or a forgotten smell coming out of nowhere. Words may be somebody's "favorite sex toys" but they are my favorite modes of comfort. Sadly they are often most ineffective when it comes to comforting other people, so i try to give lots of hugs and try to remember to pray.

Dude, i had totally forgotten about this.

Tonight was the last Proverbs of Ashes study night, and Peter of Edwards Church mentioned the first tenet of Buddhism: Life is suffering, and i remembered how much difficulty you had with that but that you finally came up with an interpretation that made sense and i talked about that tonight, but i couldn't remember all of it, so i wanted to look it up. I had forgotten some of your beautifully profound statements.

And enlightenment is looking up and seeing God.

And Nirvana is when God picks us up and holds us in His hands.

P.S. I had forgotten what beautiful poetry you write.
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