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Elizabeth Scripturient (the delinquent, ecumenical

I am way more amused by Michael Thurston than Joan is.

It makes me so happy that for the 2 exams i have the professors gave the essay question in advance. (And other than that, all i have is one last dumb WST paper due the last day of finals -- excluding Thursday’s Soc presentation, group with whom i have last meeting tonight. Praise be.)

Someone in class today asked how long the essay portion of the final should be. “There used to be this awful answer given: ‘The length of a man’s loincloth -- long enough to cover the subject but short enough to be interesting.’ It used to be ‘the length of a woman’s skirt;’ I’m kind of proud of myself for this revision. And as someone who often wears a loincloth, this is a question of deep importance to me personally.”

It makes me inexplicably happy that he talks about “boy characters.” Last semester we had the “boy poets” and i thought that was just the cutest thing. And now it’s the “boy characters.” And dude, how could i have forgotten about this quote from last Thursday? Talking about “boy characters”: “more than window dressing -- as attractive window-dressing as they are.” And today, George Dorset is, contrary to Lily’s repugnance (“her reaction was.. and I think this is a quote... ‘Ew.’ ”), in Michael’s opinion, a “handsome devil” and a “sexy sexy man.”

“ ‘This world was never meant for one as beautiful as you.’ I can’t believe I just quoted that.” Of course it wasn’t until i actually looked it up online that that’s from Don McLean’s “Vincent.” Am biting my tongue.

Events in my future:

Thursday, May 1: my former roommate opening for Beth Amsel at Jitterys (Davis, 9pm)
Thursday&Friday: the one-acts in Theatre 14, 8pm (I am going Friday, obviously.)
Saturday afternoon: shopping with Jane (Hampshire mall); anyone else can come if they want
Monday, May 5:
11:30 meeting with Ellen Watson re: Poetry Center & English Liaison (Pierce 108)
4:30-6pm English Department Picnic (athletic fields)

Besides the obvious fact that Joss Whedon owns me Tuesday 8-9pm and Wednesday 9-10pm, i don’t have to be anywhere anytime after May 1 (except for a couple of exams between May 6th and 9th), so if you would like to make plans to see me before May 10, lemme know.

LJ as messageboard

I may be persuaded to go back to NYC in June. Thoughts?

If you need it, offer still stands for you to study in my dining room and crash on my floor.
Also, i want to give you books for next semester before i leave this semester. Perhaps when we meal with suspectplaces? When is a good time for that, btw?

I need to give you your Women Mystics books back sometime.

If i don’t see you before i leave, e-mail me your list and you can pay me back when i return -- i should be back early for SAA training.

Why no posting from you, lady? *huggles*

To the parental units, re: care package:
chocolate = yum. thank you!

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