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Elizabeth Scripturient (the delinquent, ecumenical

Peace Out" (Angel 4.21)

(Again with the quality multi-meaning title.)

I haven't been hating on Buffy, but Angel has been basically all-quality all-the-time, while Buffy has been not so much. So yeah, very pleased tonight.

Blue ball is another Daigon Sphere. (I'm okay with the fact that we never find out why.)

What up with the weird panning from sunny L.A. to the sewer? For a second i thought they were gonna skip the rest of the fight scene altogether.

(And okay i am mildly irked that we never do find out why Jasmine doesn't just let Connor kill them right then.)

Yay for Wesley being smart (she eats people) after how long it took him to figure out the flesh magic with the blue ball last week. "How to Serve Man." Tee.

Ooh, there's a Monet bridge painting in Jasmine's Diva Quarters as well.

Mostly what i have to say is: I love what they did with Connor. I've been a big fan every time he displays doubt, apprehension, whatever about Jasmine. Loved the continuity of his love for Cordy and his need to see her safe overriding all else. Kortoth had been mentioned before, so it wasn't even a left-field thing to talk about it. And yes, he saw lots of bad stuff there, but i adored that the explanation didn't stop there. So he did know from the beginning. Makes sense, blood bond and all that. And i've mentioned before about how crushed he would be when he found out things (love, relationships) were lies (evil!Cordy) because he has had trust broken, lost loved ones, so much. Absolutely adored the fact that he knew it was a lie, said that his whole life was built on lies, and this one seemed better than the other ones.

Do i particularly like Connor? No. But the continuity regarding his character has been well-done, and his character has slowly been revealed as believably complex.

Liked how Angel brought back Jasmine's name. And i think he was sincerely sorry.

Free will. Someone had a monologue about choices, no? Or am i just thinking of Angel&Kate in "Epiphany" (2.16) and Gunn's thing about choices when they talked about the rigged cosmic chess game in "Inside Out" (4.17)?

The writers have really been "on" and that makes me happy.

Next week... "Home"... looks like a quality season finale.
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