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"Touched" (7.20)

The orgy episode, but really, that was only 5 minutes, near the end, thank god.

Willow and Kennedy need to just not. When Willow called her "sweetie" i cringed. Kennedy is bitchy and bossy and wants to be in charge and i dislike her. I don't like her with Willow and i don't think they have chemistry. Also, during the sex scene: Kennedy has a tongue piercing, ew.

(edit 'cause i meant to bitch more about it) When Willow was worried about letting go? I like the idea of the issue of control, but please tell me that implied was what happened when she turned into Warren, the fear of losing Tara, of letting go of her memory, of replacing her. Also, i was all, "Last time I got laid my lover died." It irks us that she can't die because, well, already did that.

The Mayor! Was he in the credits? His isn't a name i'm familiar with, but i don't recall seeing it in the credits.

Faith and the principal, yeah, whatever. "I was bored, you were bored, it was a meeting of the minds." They were there, together, being all tense, and there was a bed, and yeah. He definitely looked deflated the next day when it was obvious it was just a one-night-stand.

Xander and Anya! We applauded.

My favorite part, probably of the whole episode, was Spike holding Buffy. I hated him when he first came back because he's just blindly all about Buffy, and he still seems blind when he's talking to her ("You really have a problem with that word [no] don't you?" *winces*) but then, his speech was cute, and then she wanted him to just hold her, and aw. Sometimes tending buttons is just tending, and tender.

Dude, i wanna see what the note said.

Ironic that what happened when Faith led the girls was what they feared would happen if Buffy led them all into the vineyard. I also liked that they showed us the chaos and then Faith taking charge 'cause, yo, democracy not so much an option. I really think Joss is anti-war with Buffy's speech about "casualties" and all that. I liked that she admitted that she always pulls away, distances herself, out of necessity, but that it's also something she could have changed. And i loved that they showed us both Dawn feeling wrong and Buffy feeling right about the kicking out. (Also, her wanting to rest. Remember the Joyce manifestation telling her she needed to rest? And because it's all about the self-referential, "Can we rest now?") It's complicated, and i'm glad they acknowledged that.

"It is not for thee. It is for she alone to wield."

So Buffy was right about the power being at the vineyard. (Sidenote: "The bad guys always go where the power is." "The First only appears to you if it thinks you're important.") But it was something she needed to do alone. (Dude, where did those Matrix moves come from? I mean, i get special strength and years of training and all, but what changed in her that she could suddenly tap into this focus and power and all that?)

I liked the First's bit about wanting to feel. (I wonder if that will turn out to be a weakness later on.)
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